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A look inside Rose Gate Bridal

What to expect on your 1st Visit?

  • Call ahead to be sure you have the time and attention needed for your selection.
  • Bring along a close family member or friend… not everyone you know (too many opinions will cause you problems). Our private boutique will comfortably seat 4 guests.
  • Wear appropriate undergarments like a strapless bra and white or nude underwear.
  • PLEASE leave small children, (under 8) at home so you can focus on your special day.
  • Plan to make a deposit of 1/2 down on your dress so you can be assured it’s there for your day! Bridesmaids will need at least 1/2 down to place order! Our brides will not be charged for a bridesmaid appointment but otherwise it is a $25.00 non refundable styling fee to bring in your girls.
  • Bring in pictures and thoughts of the “type” of wedding you imagine…casual, elegant etc..
  • Have a budget in mind and remember today gowns average cost is over $1,400.00, ( per “The Knot” survey). We try very hard to keep the quality of our gowns high, yet affordable!
  • Remember most gowns will need alteration work for a bustle, side seams & hem.  Most large shops average $400!
  • Allow 4-6 months to order any gowns, bridesmaids or mother’s to allow for any problems and to ensure time for alterations!
  • Allow at least 1-2 hours to try on any gowns. Special request services and times have a $25.00 nonrefundable fitting fee, which will be taken off if you purchase!
  • Don’t plan to shop online and get the same exceptional service and quality gowns as our shop offers! 
  • Remember you want your wedding day to be exceptional!  Don’t settle for CHEAP imitations, life is short so buy the dress!!
  • We will help you find the dress of your dreams at Rose Gate Bridal! Come see why we are different!